When and why do you need space clearing in your home


Energy Hygiene is fundamentally important in helping you keep the balance in your space and to live harmoniously in your home. Any sensitive being strives for a vibrant home and loves to feel a space that feels  energetically great, safe and clean. 

The question I often hear is why do we need to cleanse our home? And the answer is simple:  the energy in your home has a direct influence on your wellbeing. Everything that surrounds you, especially your home is a mirror of your inner being, where you are at in your life. How do you feel when you are home? Is it your sanctuary where you feel fresh and recharged?  Is it amplifying clarity and positivity around you? Or is your home making you feel stuck? holding you back?  draining you? 

If you are home and you feel uneasy for no apparent reason, maybe it’s time for a space clearing.  Residual energy of discord (bad moods, conflicts, angry or envious energy) is like a ball of negative energy that lingers around in the air. Has your place been exposed to that recently? If not you how about your predecessors? There is an expression using these words " the Air was so thick" which describes exactly that feeling! Space clearing  is great to neutralise spaces, remove unwanted energies and zap out residual energies. 

Here are a list of when and why you should cleanse your home:

You should cleanse after

-  Having house guests: having guests for a couple of days or more also means that your space will take on their  residual energies, so it’s a great idea to cleanse right after they leave. 

-  A social gathering in your home: although having a party is actually great to spark up the energy  for a home, sometimes unwanted energies of friends or guests stay behind, always good to give an extra cleanse to rebalance. 

-  Coming back after travels: when you leave your home for an extended period of time, the energy becomes stagnant in the home, allowing build-up of unwanted energies. Clearing helps release stuck energies. 

- After ongoing illness or being sick : This  is often accompanied by emotional release and heavy residual energy, so it’s good to move it out of your home. Make sure to feel completely strong again to cleanse as it is unwise to cleanse your space when you are sick. 

 -Bringing new items/furniture into the home, especially antiques or second-hand items. They carry residual energy from previous owner and previous home. It’s good to wise to seek out the history of second hand items and furniture and even find out who were previous owners.  

- A renovation :  clear out energies of those who worked in your home. It’s good to find balance back by  clear out any energies that have been disrupted due to renovation,  and cleanse residual energy left behind by workers. 

-  A heated argument or discord: this is residual energy that you want out, bye bye heavy or toxic energies.

- Experiencing a bad or traumatic event in your home: this could range from your home being burglarized to a divorce or a death. 

- A negative person comes into your home. This could be someone who is angry or toxic, even someone has heavy chemical addictions. Do you get the chills when you enter a specific room, house, or building? Perhaps you feel uneasy, drained, worried, sad, or irritated when you are home alone, for no apparent reason? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to clear your surroundings of stagnant and negative energy.

- Sensing unwanted spiritual or ghostly presences : Cleansing alongside with intention and love is a powerful way to clear our unwanted presences. 


You should cleanse before:

- Preparing for a New baby: new-born babies are easily affected by negativity from other people and their surroundings

- Starting a new job.

-  Moving into a new home: this is one of the most important times to perform a space clearing. The house contains energy from previous tenants and you don't want that rubbing off on you! view here for a more detailed explanation on what steps to take. 

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Different Rituals, same results

House cleansing have been performed  throughout history in many cultures all over the world. There are many ways to do it through either sound, smoke, fire, prayer, salt, water. Even though the cleansing technics and rituals are different they all reach the same goal: creating a vibrant peaceful environment full of positive energy to attract happiness, good health, and abundance to our lives.

Raudia Kepper